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Cut through noisy financial data so you can make better decisions with just one glance a day.
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Simplicity. Balance. Profit.

You don’t need to spend half of your day sifting through complicated analysis. The Abundents dashboard was designed to give you exactly what you need to know—and nothing you don’t.

In just a few minutes you'll know exactly where your practice stands.

See a clear representation of your profitability. Click through to see your collections, expenses, productivity, and more.


Know exactly what your practice is worth and ensure you're moving forward.


Your Abundents Score takes all of your most important numbers into account to give you a single, trackable financial score.

Declare Your Independence

If you're feeling weighed down by your financial obligations, you're not alone. In fact, 96% of dentists are burdened with debt, which in turn has pushed the average retirement age from 63 to nearly 70 years old!

Abundents’ easy-to-use dashboard and automated practice management system will help you take control of your practice’s health and financial future.

Discover What You’ve Been Missing

A productive team, a balanced life, financial freedom.
It’s not a pipe dream. It’s Abundents.

Enjoy your practice again in 3 easy steps:


Get Abundents Platform
Plug it in

Our user-friendly software is easy to download and connect to your existing Quickbooks Online program.


Input your goals
Check in once a day

From monitoring case acceptance to reconciling payments and expenses, this powerful software makes running your business simple.


Check in once a day
Enjoy freedom

With the knowledge and insight your dashboard will give you, you can make decisions to help you live time-, frustration-, and debt-free.

Ever feel like you’re working all the time, but not getting anywhere?

With just one glance a day, Abundents will help you hit benchmarks, increase your practice revenue, and help plot your course to financial freedom.

A Clear Path to Freedom

If you feel stuck in your practice, you’re not alone. From drowning financially to feeling overworked, you’re losing hope that you’ll ever find freedom–not just in your practice, but in your life. 

At Abundents, we’ve discovered that to get from stuck to thriving, you need to improve your relationship with the 3 key parts of your practice:

Your Money

Your Team

Your Time

That’s why we created Abundents — a practice management system to help you take back control of your practice’s success by not just knowing, but owning your practice’s performance.

Get a handle on your money with our easy-to-use dashboard. With just one quick look a day, you’ll understand your profitability, team performance, practice’s value, and your overall practice health.

Improve your relationship with your team using our training platform, Abundents University. With the help of our on-demand curriculum, you can train, unify, and empower your team to work together toward the success of the practice.

With the first two steps in place, you’ll finally be able to balance your time. As the team works together to lighten your load, you can finally focus on what you love–your patients and your family and friends.

Freedom is closer than you think. Abundents can help you get there.


abundents your score
Abundents Score:

Discover your practice’s overall health.

Quickbooks Online Integration:

Real time numbers; no need to enter data twice.

Abundents Dashboard Profit
Practice Profitability:

Find balance; increase profits.

abundents embezzlement protection
Embezzlement Protection:

Immediate notifications when risk is detected.

abundents practice valuation
Practice Valuation:

Know what your practice is really worth.

abundents team performance
Team Performance:

Optimize the oral health of your patients.


QuickBooks Online
Unlike other financial tracking softwares, Abundents draws its numbers straight from your existing QuickBooks Online account, giving you real-time data and analysis of your practice’s numbers. Just plug in and go!
Open Dental Practice Management Software
Connect your Open Dental software to your Abundents dashboard and simplify how you track your team performance, collections, case acceptance, and more.
open dental software integration
abundents eaglesoft integration
Connect your EagleSoft dental practice management software directly to your Abundents dashboard and track patient scheduling, insurance claims and more.

Take a Tour

See what the Abundents dashboard would look like for YOUR practice.

Schedule an Abundents dashboard tour, and we’ll show you just how quickly you can be on your way to financial freedom, happy, healthy patients, and a successful and cohesive team.