Productivity made simple.

Our guess is you went to dental school to help patients, not to run a business.

People and their teeth are your thing, not numbers. So digging through increasingly complicated software programs with convoluted results isn’t your idea of a good time.

abundents dental team

At Abundents, we get it.

We’ve helped more than 6000 dentists take the frustration out of running their practice with cutting-edge software that’s simple, easy to use, and most of all, keeps you profitable.

Discover What You’ve Been Missing

A productive team, a balanced life, financial freedom.
It’s not a pipe dream. It’s Abundents.

Enjoy your practice again in 3 easy steps:


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Our user-friendly software is easy to download and connect to your existing Quickbooks Online program.


Input your goals
Check in once a day:

From monitoring case acceptance to reconciling payments and expenses, this powerful software makes running your business simple.


Check in once a day
Enjoy freedom:

With the knowledge and insight your dashboard will give you, you can make decisions to help you live time-, frustration-, and debt-free.

Let’s swap overwhelm for satisfaction.

It’s time to use your numbers to your advantage so you can enjoy the gratification that comes from running a profitable practice that allows you to do what you love most–help your patients.

so we can get started.

Meet Our Team

Gary Kadi

After combing through P&Ls for more than 6000 practices to help dentists interpret the data in a way that made sense for their practice, Gary Kadi realized that there was no efficient way for a dentist to know their own numbers, respond to changes, or be able to see if they were profitable.

There had to be a better way.

Since a platform to simplify numbers didn’t exist, he knew he would have to create it himself.

When Gary met Dr. Bryan Laskin, he knew he had found the right partner to join him in creating a system that would not only solve the problem of dentists knowing their numbers, but also how to improve them. Abundents–the powerful practice dashboard–and Abundents University–a system that connects the dashboard numbers to highly-focused trainings to help dentists and their teams perform at the top of their game–were born.

Today, every dental practice can install the proven Abundents system that will help them know where their practice stands in profitability, valuation, and team performance.

Bryan Laskin, DDS

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Bryan Laskin had grown his dental practice from 800 to 8,000 square feet and founded multiple successful dental technology companies, but still struggled to understand where all the money was going.

He knew something had to be done.

Today, Bryan is on a mission to help dental teams overcome the same stress he endured by helping them get a handle on their business.

By joining forces with Gary Kadi to create the game-changing platforms Abundents and Abundents University, Bryan helped create a way for dentists to gain clear insights into where they can ethically find, get, and keep money in their practices, all while incentivizing their team members to elevate both the health of their practice and their patients.

Aleh Matus

Aleh Matus enjoys building software that embraces real-world complexity and delivers tangible benefits to users. He specializes in software design, mathematical and business domain modeling. He has partnered with Bryan Laskin on several dental software projects including ToothApps, Talentship, and FaceMyPain, and is the founder and CEO of Modelus–a software developement company based in Minnesota.

In his free time, Aleh enjoys watching his daughters play competetive chess.

James DeLuca
Director of Business Development

James is a former business owner with over a decade of leadership experience. He brings a diverse dental operations background from leading teams as an office manager to helping dentists grow a single practice to multiple practices. His passion for personal growth and empowerment made him a natural fit for Abundents.

James and his wife have 2 children, as well as 2 cats and a dog. He enjoys home improvement projects, permaculture, and sports.