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Discover the framework and simple numbers you can use to revolutionize your practice's growth.

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From Flying Blind to Blasting Off:

The path to being time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free

Our special partner event with NextLevel Practice
will show you:

The 3 simple numbers that can change the course of your practice

The importance of
using leading data

A framework to unchain yourself from paperwork and do more of what you love

You Don't Have to Lead Your Practice Blindfolded

You’re not wearing a literal blindfold, of course. But until you embrace the potential found within your practice’s numbers, you’ll be stuck making decisions in the dark.

Without a clear view of 3 important KPIs, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best dentist in town—you’ll still struggle to grow, turn a profit, and pay down debt. Even worse, you’ll never be truly free: time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free.

Luckily, knowing your numbers and making smart business decisions doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. You just need to know where to look and how to leverage that knowledge.

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where we show you how to:


You don’t have to look at every number--just the most important ones. We’ll help you zero in on the essentials.


Numbers have a lot to say! Learn how to translate their meaning and what they predict about your practice's profitability.


Using your new-found knowledge, find out how to turn what you’re seeing into new, better ways of doing. (And enjoying the benefits!)

From Flying Blind to Blasting Off
The path to being time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free​

Now available on demand

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CEO & Founder, Nextlevel Practice Co-Founder, Abundents
Gary has worked to empower dentists for more than 20 years. After creating NextLevel Practice and the Complete Health Dentistry model to help empower dentists to become fully-trained business owners, he realized that dentists need accessible tools to help them understand and act on their practice numbers. Together with co-founder Bryan Kadi, he created Abundents—a powerful financial dashboard to help dentists become free—time-free, frustration-free, and debt-free. He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and their teams, and his goal is to help create practices where teams embrace and implement change, patients respect their treatment regiments, and doctors enjoy practicing.
From Flying Blind to Blasting Off
The path to being time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free


Switch on the Light and Grow

Learn the simple way to illuminate your practice
(and fire up your profits!)
This event is right for you if:

You’re working like crazy, but not seeing the profit

You’re tired of the business-side of your practice

You want time outside of the office to enjoy your life

From Flying Blind to Blasting Off

The path to being time-free, debt-free, and frustration-free​

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