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Without daily connection, it’s difficult to understand your practice’s true financial health. Just estimating will lead to practice-hurting decisions–you’ll stay busy but not profitable, waste revenue on services you can’t afford, and have expenses you could have avoided.

If you own your practice, you’re both. Unfortunately, your dental training never taught you how to run a practice that is two separate pieces—a small business and a dental clinic. Abundents will help you nail down the business side, so you can find more time and freedom to enjoy the chair-side.

Case acceptance, patient retention, and experience are the main drivers of your revenue. When you start working with us, we build a strategy together to restore work-life balance and profitability, then equip you with the framework to make it happen.

Case acceptance starts with team performance. Abundents will track your team members and pinpoint where their performance drops off. Accelerate your performance with Abundents University, which provides training that will address the problem and help get the team back on track.

The key to a successful retirement is to sell your practice for the highest price possible—that’s why it’s so essential to know what your practice is worth now and work to increase it. Practice valuations can cost as much as $10,000 and are typically just done once. Abundents provides a real-time practice valuation tool to help you get the absolute best value for your practice.

Replacing team members is costly and frustrating. Abundents provides a dashboard for measuring individual team member performance, which helps you celebrate wins and improve practice morale. Add that to our proven systems for engaging your team, and you’ll not only have a happy team but also be a magnet for talent.

With Abundents you’ll have not only the tools to keep you in tune with your financial position, but also proven systems that will increase profitability – helping you get out of debt quicker. In fact, we’re so confident that this system will work that we guarantee you’ll see 2x return on your 12-month investment.

Abundents was built specifically for practices to grow. Unlike other behavior dashboards, Abundents leverages both your team performance and practice’s profitability to provide insights. Combine those insights with a proven, scalable practice management system that’s been refined over the last 25 years, and you have an all-in-one solution to grow a dental empire.

80% of dentists experience embezzlement at some point in their career, on average losing over $100,000. It’s a big problem in the dental industry because there is no automated system of checks and balances. The Abundents Embezzlement Protection software will monitor both your practice management system and accounting software, and will alert you to your level of risk.

No. Abundents only connects to QuickBooks Online accounts. Schedule a free tour to hear why we think having cloud-based accounting software is the best option for today’s leading dental practices.

In a single word: simplicity. Dental Intelligence is a fantastic program, but offers so many options, reports, metrics, and features, that we’ve found many dentists are quickly overwhelmed and end up ignoring it completely. Abundents gives you the highest RoI performance analytics, while also providing insights into your profitability and providing a learning system for you to implement solutions.

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