Kickstart Your Practice’s Growth

The Abundents Gameplan gives you the analysis, tools, and coaching to start achieving your goals.

Blast through plateaus

Skyrocket patient care

Get Your Life Back

Get ready to launch a sleeker, stronger practice

Expert coaching: Work with dedicated coaches to set goals, analyze your numbers, and create a plan forward.

Step-by-step plan: We’ll help you draft a concrete, written plan with the EXACT steps you’ll need to take.

Real data: Take guesswork out of the picture–we’ll help you analyze your real data and compare it to National standards and benchmarks.

All-encompassing: We won’t focus on just numbers! We’ll also help you address your team’s mentality, improve patient care, and find ways to get your life back.

Teamwork: Specially designed for doctors, their spouses, and practice managers, we’ll help you form the core of your practice’s leadership.

What’s Included in the Gameplan Session

The Gameplan Session gives you two sessions of personalized, intensive coaching from an Abundents expert coach.

SESSION 1: Trajectory

Your first coaching session will help you identify your goals and identify exactly what is holding your back.

GAIN CLARITY:  Define your ultimate goals. What do you really want from your practice? Is it free time? Higher salary? Opening another practice? With clear goals in place you’ll know why and how to move forward.

IDENTIFY YOUR OPPORTUNITIES: We’ll give you a “snapshot” of your key performance indicators so you can see exactly where you can change and improve

DISCOVER YOUR BLINDSPOTS: We’ll help you find the gaps in your practice and talk about new approaches you can take to fill them.

SESSION 2: Launch Plan

Your next session is where the magic happens! Using what we learned in the first session, together we’ll create a detailed roadmap for moving your practice forward.

ACTIONABLE STEPS: We won’t mess around with generalities–you can depend on your plan for practical steps you can put into action right away.

COMPREHENSIVE SCOPE: Your plan will cover all areas of your business, including patient care, team performance, and profitability

GET GOING:With your plan in place, you’ve got nothing to stop your momentum. You’re ready to launch!

Experience the most profitable and impactful time you’ve ever spent on your business.

Invite your spouse and/or practice manager to participate with us as we dig into your practice and explore real solutions for your unique need and you’ll get:

Two intensive, personalized coaching sessions

Achievable goal setting

A comprehensive review of your numbers

A clear sense of direction

Solutions to your overwhelm and fatigue

New, undiscovered opportunities

A detailed, actionable plan

The chance to make your practice blast off!

For just $995*

(*FREE for course attendees)

The Gameplan GUARANTEE

We believe in what we do and stand by it. We know that our system works because we’ve used it with thousands of practices for over 20 years. We’re in the business of creating real results, and if you commit to showing up fully and giving us your best – we’re certain you’ll enjoy noticeable gains. If you don’t, we’ll return whatever you’ve paid us, no questions asked.

Peace of Mind with Abundents

Just as important as your profitability is your peace of mind. 80% of dentists experience embezzlement at some point in their career, with the average loss being nearly $110,000. If, while evaluating your numbers, we see that embezzlement is happening in your practice, we’ll alert you to it right away.

Ready to launch your dental practice to 5-star status without destroying your health, ethics, or sanity?

Supercharge your practice with the Gameplan Session.





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