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abundents your score
Abundents Score:

Discover your practice’s overall health.

Quickbooks Online Integration:

Real time numbers; no need to enter data twice.

Abundents Dashboard Profit
Practice Profitability:

Find balance; increase profits.

abundents embezzlement protection
Embezzlement Protection:

Immediate notifications when risk is detected.

abundents practice valuation
Practice Valuation:

Know what your practice is really worth.

abundents team performance
Team Performance:

Optimize the oral health of your patients.


QuickBooks Online
Unlike other financial tracking softwares, Abundents draws its numbers straight from your existing QuickBooks Online account, giving you real-time data and analysis of your practice’s numbers. Just plug in and go!
Open Dental Practice Management Software
Connect your Open Dental software to your Abundents dashboard and simplify how you track your team performance, collections, case acceptance, and more.
open dental software integration
abundents eaglesoft integration
Connect your Eaglesoft dental practice management software directly to your Abundents dashboard and track patient scheduling, insurance claims and more.
Abundents University
Take your dashboard to the next level! When it identifies issues like dropping profits or performance, it will automatically connect you to proven courses that give step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the problem.

Increasing your practice profits and valuation has never been easier.

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Keeping You on Track, No Matter Your Stage

Starting Gate:

When you’re straight out of school, you need to get profitable….fast. Abundents will help you build your practice right so you can start growing and get out of debt faster.

Hitting Your Stride
Hitting Your Stride:

Keep your established practice strong and avoid stagnation. Abundents will help you hit your goals and blow past benchmarks so you can keep growing.

Finish Line
Finish Line:

Make sure you’re ready for a powerful sale. Abundents will help you keep your eye on the prize--the highest practice value possible.

Learn how the Abundents dashboard can revolutionize your practice.