Your patients have changed...Are you keeping up?

Due to today’s always on, instant gratification culture patient expectations have radically changed.

This has caused frustration, patient attrition, lower profitability, production, and team stress for many offices… But, there is also a huge upside.

Some offices are riding this wave and seeing historic growth. In The Patient First Manifesto Dr. Bryan Laskin explores exactly how they are doing it, so you can too…

“This book will be read by all of our team Here At White Bear Smiles, and inspire us to do even more to help our patients. The Patient First Manifesto is a great book for dentistry moving forward.”

PAUL ANDERSON, DDS (Owner – White Bear Smiles)

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn...

The toxic limiting belief dentists pick up and pass around in dental school… But absolutely must get over if they hope to retire before age 65. (Make the changes covered on pages 80-83)

The not so sneaky secret equipment reps will never tell you… But will allow you to own any piece of dental technology absolutely FREE… (I’ll show you exactly how on page 25)

An innocent mistake great clinical dentists make that leaves them vulnerable to having a DSO flatten them like a steam roller. (Get the shocking truth nobody is talking about on page 112)

The under $100 purchase young dentists are adding to their website that puts $2,300 back in their pocket every single month… (just copy their strategy on page 60…)

How backing into my employee’s car taught me a priceless lesson that has brought in hundreds of new patients with zero effort… (Read the story on page 64)

The two things 95% of dentists need to delegate in order to massively grow their production… Any why your team will respect you more for doing it. (Read more on pages 74 and 75)

The little secret a talented optometrist taught me that literally cuts patient attrition in half… Especially for long term high value patients. (get the secret on page 48)

Why we should all be APPLAUDING the fact that Walmart is getting into dentistry… And how to position your practice to profit ridiculously from the shift. (Make the changes listed on page 65)

How most office’s treatment plans are killing their case acceptance rate… And how a psychologist says you should rewrite your treatment plans to boost case acceptance… (Page 111)

How a four and a half hour restoration from hell taught my dental team a lesson that boosted production by 37% across the board. (Harvard later released a study on this effect 12 years later – Page 30)

“Dr. Laskin has perfectly summed up the disconnect that exists between the practice of dentistry and the business of dentistry. With short stories and simple tips along the way, he bridges that gap and not only shows you how to massively improve your business, but also how to future proof your practice by leveraging technology and efficiency.”

MIKE CRUZ (Dee For Dentist)

About the author

Having learned from 20 years of experience leading a high performance dental team in his office at Lake Minnetonka Dental, Dr. Bryan Laskin is on a mission to help growth minded dentists grow their practices, raise the standard of care, and be a little less stressed in the process!

Dr. Laskin plays an active role in driving innovation at several progressive dental organizations, including Abundents, Vyne Dental, Lake Minnetonka Dental, Talentship, Evergreen, Kwikly and Dental Care Alliance. Dr. Laskin also serves as counsel to many leading companies in dentistry.